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Welcome to Utigard Art Studio - Art that Uplifts and Inspires

~My Mission ~

Touch your heart with healing peace, to uplift your spirit
and to join me in some adventures of the spirit and landscapes
of the mind in these high vibrational, mystical paintings.
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Fairies and Nature collection by Carolyn Utigard Thomas
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Meet Carolyn Utigard Thomas

Carolyn Utigard Thomas is a contemporary artist working primarily in watercolor.  Her paintings are adventures of the spirit and landscapes of the mind.

Carolyn was born in Chicago, grew up in St. Paul and Indianapolis and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Cincinnati, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Education degrees.

Her varied career has taken her from designing for Hallmark in Kansas City to working for Astroworld in Houston, designing and painting everything from posters and murals to stage sets.  Carolyn then had a commercial art business, creating logos, advertising illustrations and wall graphics.

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