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Seer of The Heart Art
Co-Created by Me & Michelle McDonald Vlastnik

Michelle Carolyn Portrait.png

This is a group from the series of 88 artworks co-created by Michelle McDonald Vlastnik and me. In 2018, Michelle approached me about using my art in her Seer of The Heart: a Cosmic Quest Oracle Deck. Moved by her intention and impressed by her photography and digital skills, I gave her access to my 40 plus years of art to play with as she was guided to design 88 new pieces, each with a card number, frequency and title. She intended to release the deck first and the art later. This plan was eventually reversed, so the art was rolled out on December 21, 2020 and will serve as an introduction to the upcoming deck. In these pieces you will meet the Cosmic Seers through images that give you the opportunity to open your heart and imagination and give you clues to unlock the highest version of yourself. Join me and enjoy this exciting adventure. Here are some selections. 

Seer of the Heart Samples 3.jpg
Utigard Sizes & Prtices.png
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